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  • James Hull

    I WILL NOT support Ed Gillespie as Virginia’s Republican nominee to the U.S. Senate

    Ed Gillespie is a great politician as evidenced by his pinnacle rise to chairman of the Republican National Committee. Virginia, however, does not need another professional politician as her next Senator. Virginia needs someone who has a personal track record of standing and acting upon conservative principles and values during his lifetime not someone with just a track record of selling themselves or others on those esteemed principles and values in order to win an election. We need substance, not form, in our next Senator.

    Here is why this is important: The condition of Virginia voters is such that whoever the Republicans put forth to oppose Mark Warner will probably become the next Virginia Senator. Barack Obama has destroyed the credibility of the Democrat party thus sinking any Democrat’s chances in November especially with the failing Obamacare rollout and the recent “smoking gun” revelations about the Benghazi terrorist attack. Because of this I suspect that whoever wins the Republican’s nomination during the Convention in June will be the next Senator from Virginia.

    I hope that all delegates to the Virginia Convention on 7 June have already read Ed Gillespie’s 2008 book titled Winning Right (available at Amazon). What I read of it is the basis of my decision TO NOT SUPPORT Ed Gillespie but instead to favor Shak Hill ( For example, excerpted from Ed Gillespie’s book on page 238 is the following:

    “[While 220 million Americans receive healthcare coverage, the] remainder is made up of two groups -27 million Americans who pay directly for their health care coverage and the nearly 50 million who, for a variety of reasons, go without coverage entirely. Getting coverage to those 50 million will entail changing how those with coverage get theirs.”

    On page 245 Ed Gillespie went further with the following:

    “A more rational approach is to ensure that every emancipated adult capable of providing for his or her healthcare do so. One way to accomplish this is to use the tax code to gain compliance. Annual [taxpayer] filers would have to attest that they have some form of health coverage or else the ‘standard deduction’ on their income tax would be cut in half.”

    In essence, Ed Gillespie outlined his vision for Obamacare -socialized medicine- in his personal memoir, a book printed BEFORE President Obama rose to the national scene as a potential candidate. Regardless of what he claims in recent e-mails to the contrary, if Ed Gillespie becomes Virginia’s next Senator HE WILL NOT SUPPORT ANY EFFORT TO REPEAL this monstrosity as he personally agrees with the premise of a government-mandated universal health care system. While Senators come and go, Obamacare -if not repealed- will be forever.

    We The People cannot let Obamacare be Ed Gillespie’s legacy for America.

    James Hull

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